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Written by: Shynet , At: 01.12.2009 , Read: 3634 times
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Mouse Recorder Pro has been released and out for grabs!

So what we got here?
MRP2 now Supports Windows 7/Vista with UAC on, bug fixes, new script handling system
and an easier way to create a fresh new script from scratch using the editor!
Now you can create a script easier with Mouse Recorder Pro Editor using your shortcut keys
even when MRP editor is minimized.

Want to add your current mouse position to the script? simply press "Alt + X" it doesn't matter if MRP Editor is minimized or not. want to add a left click? simply press "Alt + Q" and walla you have added a left click button. This new script creating system allows you to create a script from scratch easier than ever before.

Here is the final changelog for Mouse Recorder Pro

-Fixed compatibility issues with Windows 7/Vista with UAC on.

-Changed in application window icon to MRP2.0.2.0 icon.

-All files are now being saved (Except MRP scripts) on the AppData\Roaming\Mouse Recorder Pro directory.

-MRP Scripts default save directory changed to Documents\My Recorded Scripts.

-Fixed an issue where changing default scripts save directory still creates a new script on the default MRP2 location when opening MRP2.

-Now you can play your script infinite number of times by setting 0 at the Advanced > Number of times box.

-Now you can set your script to be replayed more than 1500 times.

-Added an option to MRP Calendar that allows you to play a script a number of times at a scheduled time/date.

-Mouse Recorder Pro Editor: Some icons have been resized.

-Mouse Recorder Pro Editor: New functions: combine close delay events, add a mouse left and right mouse clicks is now more simple,
change all same type events with a custom input, add a mouse position event by setting the mouse on the
location you want and pressing "Alt + X", close all open events (like mouse down, or key down),
add delay event after each event. (Some functions were added by suggestions, I appreciate it!)

-Mouse Recorder Pro Editor: Fixed "Reduce/Increase" function, now the "Reduce" function will work
as described. (for example: choosing "60% to reduce will make your script 60% faster)

-Mouse Recorder Pro Editor: added a missing key on the keypress event: the windows key.

-Mouse Recorder Pro Editor: New buttons for new and some old functions.

-New script handling system, MRP and MRP Editor are now synchronized.

-While recording and pressing the "Stop" button on MRP, MRP Minitoolbar, and context menu Mouse Recorder Pro will ignore that.

-Repeat script playing bug seems to be fixed, now script repeat should work fine.

I will be glad to hear your feedback, you can leave it at the bottom of this page!
Enjoy your week!
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Written by SpongeBob, At: 11.12.2009
I want a new article! Write me a new article!!! Also, when is iPhone, apple, accelerating, smooth, gliddy like scroling assisting app is going to be released?!
Written by Shynet, At: 11.12.2009
I will continue working on it when I will finally finish our Mub project server (I have alot to write, but it's fun (-:)
Written by NGBigField, At: 17.12.2009
Mouse Recorder Pro 2 is a very good software.
Combine this with Mouse Shaker and you will get the ultimate mousing experience! (= Try this.
Written by Shynet, At: 18.12.2009
Thank you my good friend (-:
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