Glass? no? maybe? yes!

Written by: Shynet , At: 26.11.2009 , Read: 3429 times
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I know, I know I said that the "YellowGG" theme might be last but hey! we have got a new domain, a new application (Mouse Shaker) and a new comment system! so, why not? this theme is called "Glass" simple isn't it? I have finally fixed the main issues with a last theme which didn't support some browsers.
this theme should work fine on most of the browsers (except Internet Explorer 6).

I have to say thanks to my good old (well not really old!) friend Genya who helped me with this design, I couldn't make it without you (and if I did, it would probably be really terrible!).
Thank you so much! (I hope you are reading this!) I really appreciate your help!

The main idea was his, he thought about how the design would look like and the colors I should use.
Talking about the colors, the colors are much happier than the last site (black, gray, yellow).

From now on I will try to add more pictures to the next coming articles (starting from now) and thats because I'm not limited anymore! (I mean in terms of the site, if you know what I mean).

Does any of you remember the Razer Mamaba and the Razer Lycosa? well I posted a topic about them and I really wanted to put some pictures but well, I couldn't! but now I can so here it is:
Razer Lycosa
The Razer Lycosa Keyboard
Razer Mamba
The Razer Mamaba Mouse
Razer Mamba Docking Station
The Razer Mamaba Docking Station

I will be really glass (just kidding, glad) to hear your opinion, so just leave a comment if you want!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Written by Pitagoras, At: 27.11.2009
Nice job glossing up the "NemexStudios" logo!
Written by 5_fps, At: 27.11.2009
Such sentimental dedication I have never read befor, breaking into tears, so weeping crying at the friendship I adore, the finest sound, most gracious words, are there before me, on the glass above.
Written by NGBigField, At: 29.11.2009
It's a really cool theme. This one is absulutly better than the privious.
Good work, shynet!
Written by hoigens, At: 30.11.2009
look! me leaving a comment using opera mini. :)
Written by Shynet, At: 30.11.2009
Lol, thank you! (-:
and thanks 5_fps!
The site finally supports Opera Mini!
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