Mouse Shaker, Mouse Recorder Pro 2 Updates

Uploaded at 03.11.2009, by Shynet (viewed 9844 times)
Since Windows 7 came out I took my attention to the improved UAC, after understanding a bit how UAC works and the importance of UAC I had finally decided to fix Mouse Shaker and Mouse Recorder Pro 2 compatibility issues. The new versions of these 2 applications will include changes like the location of the settings are being saved on and some permission fixes. NOT only improving compatibility issues Mouse Recorder Pro 2 will include some new features not only to the main application but to MRP Calendar too. Mouse Recorder Pro 2 might support Windows 7 improved taskbar features.

So, it's for me to go!
(-: a new version of Advanced TicTacToe is coming too:

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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