nJoy - Joystick up your device!

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nJoy is a complete PC remote controlling solution!

nJoy includes a gaming joystick layout and a comprehensive desktop control
layout consisted of media controls, web surfing and text input options,
an efficient and easy to use mouse controls and more...!

nJoy makes use of a Wi-Fi or internet connection for communication with a PC.
Thus, the effective range of a Wi-Fi signal is not an issue.
The device's 3G connection can be used if the wifi connection is inefficient or not available.

The gaming joystick allows you to use your phone as a game controller,
much like an actual gaming console controller for any game by assigning keyboard and mouse actuations!

A multi-touch interface consisted of a left analog stick and on screen action buttons is coupled
with the device’s accelerometer to enable full game control!

nJoy Demonstration Video

Multiple android devices can be connected to a single PC to allow split screen gaming.

nJoy media controls allow remotely pausing and resuming as well as skipping between tracks.
Mouse control is implemented with a track pad, similar to a laptop track pad solution.

Finger gestures are available for zooming, swipe scrolling and maximizing/minimizing windows.

nJoy includes further options such as closing windows, go to desktop, accessing libraries,
loading websites, running applications and much more

nJoy is priced on the Android Marketplace for 2.3USD. This is the first application I have ever taken money for.

nJoy screenshots:

Connection Window

Main nJoy Window

nJoy as a gaming joystick (Android application shot)

nJoy, sending windows commands

nJoy, media control

nJoy, device selection tab

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