Mouse Recorder Pro Script Converter


Mouse Recorder Pro Script Converter is a tool used to convert Mouse Recorder Pro 1.3 scripts to
Mouse Recorder Pro scripts.

This conversion process is necessary in order to play old Mouse Recorder Pro scripts in the new version of MRP.

Software Info

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Uploaded at: 16.04.2010

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Written by Ana, At: 27.02.2014
Written by Ricardo, At: 26.04.2013
Vamos a ver que tal anda. Gracias
Written by Shynet, At: 14.12.2012
Go to the advanced menu (by clicking on "Advanced" on the main screen) and set "Times to play script" to 0. Accept the dialog and that should work.
Written by Thompson, At: 06.11.2012
How can i set a loop in my script ?
Please help me !
Your Program is very nice and i like to work with it, but how can i set a loop in my script ?
Thank you for ur help !
Written by Shynet, At: 08.03.2011
Use Alt + 2 to play your script instead of pressing the play button.
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