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nJoy for Xperia Play! (update)

I'm glad to announce that nJoy with Xperia Play support has been released!This version is nJoy 1.3.5 (including lite version). Between the changes:nJoy APK V1.3.5 Changes:- Xperia ...
Written by Shynet , At: 01.04.2013 , Comments: 11 , Read 5639 times

Focusing on mobile

Started developing for Windows since the age of 10 I decided to start focusing on new platforms targeted for mobile devices. I have always been curious and overwhelmed by Windows a...
Written by Shynet , At: 28.04.2012 , Comments: 0 , Read 3132 times

SMS From PC updated! crash issues resolved!

SMS From PC got updated with some major and minor fixes.Certain devices like the Samsung Galaxy couldn't sync correctly with the computer and the application got crashed on the dev...
Written by Shynet , At: 25.02.2012 , Comments: 0 , Read 3120 times

SMS From PC has been released!

I released a new app called "SMS From PC" which allows you to manage your SMS messages directly from your computer. This app was developed for Android and targeted for devices runn...
Written by Shynet , At: 17.02.2012 , Comments: 1 , Read 3811 times

Working - Underground (-:

Been missing for a while. But actually I wasn't missing at all. I'm working on multiple projects for the current time and writing articles.The main application I'm working on ...
Written by Shynet , At: 09.02.2012 , Comments: 1 , Read 3000 times

Have you tried nJoy Lite? it's free!

Have you tried nJoy lite for free on your Android device? it allows you to take full control over your PC exactly like a remote control. Play games with your mobile exactly like a ...
Written by Shynet , At: 08.10.2011 , Comments: 6 , Read 10257 times
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