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A time ago I have published the Mouse Shaker application, Nemex first Mouse gesture application.
I decided to post an article about the application and let you test this application by yourself.

Mouse Shaker is a mouse gestures based application.
The user draws a certain symbol with his mouse, Mouse Shaker detects that specific symbol and
responds by doing a certain task the user set for that symbol.
A task can be a file open operation, pressing certain keys, closing windows, minimizing windows,
go to desktop and more...

Mouse Shaker Screenshot

Gestures Editing Window

It includes the Aero Snap feature (which was introduced in Windows 7) that allows the user to "snap" each window (dock the window) to a certain side
of the screen, which allows him compare different pages and windows easily.

Mouse Shaker - Aero Snap Settings Window

It also comes with the Aero Shake feature, the user shake a window sideways and minimizes all of the windows
behind that window, and repeat the operation again to bring them back up again.

If you can't view this video visit it's page:

You can download Mouse Shaker by clicking on this link.

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