MRPGadget is alive! - Now added to the Windows Live Gallery (Video included)

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The MRPGadget allows the user to control Mouse Recorder Pro common functions(Recording, Playing) without the need directly accessing Mouse Recorder Pro. To download this gadget visit the gadget page on Windows Live Gallery by clicking on this link.

MRPGadget - Now on Windows Live Gallery

Installation & Notes

1. Download and install MRPGadget from this this link. For this gadget to work you have to install Mouse Recorder Pro (or any version above).

2. Add the gadget to your sidebar as you usually do. (On Windows 7 right click on the desktop and select "Gadgets", drag the MRPGadget out of the window).
3. Press on the settings button () to open the settings menu.

4. Set the settings according to this image:

5. Press on the "Ok" button.

Notes: The MRPGadget works only on version or above. It will not well work with any older versions of Mouse Recorder Pro.
It is best to use this gadget with MRP (currently not yet released) which fully supports the MRPGadget.

Here is a short video that shows the MRPGadget in action.

MRPGadget - Introduction to the new Mouse Recorder Pro gadget for Windows Sidebar

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