Upcoming new version of Mouse Recorder Pro 2!

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After some time, I'm glad to introduce the new version of Mouse Recorder Pro, version This new version will include some new features with Windows 7 integration. I will go through the main changes:

The Hidden toolbar - the new hidden toolbar feature allows the user to control Mouse Recorder Pro at any other window (like the mini-toolbar) after moving the mouse to the top middle of your screen, the toolbar will show up allowing you to control the script from any place on your desktop!

The hidden toolbar on the top of the screen

A preview of the settings window

Windows 7 Integration - another cool thing about the new version is that it now supports Window 7 taskbar features like jumplists and progress tracking. You can now start Mouse Recorder Pro script recording by just pressing the "Record Script" jumplist item (the icons might be temporary and just for preview):

Here is the changelog for now (might be changed in the future):

Mouse Recorder Pro

-Added a new hidden toolbar menu! put your mouse on the top middle of your screen, you are now
able to see the new hidden menu that makes the recording, playing, and other tasks easier...!

-Fixed main window title bar not being updated after loading a script.

-Fixed a bug after clicking the Save button nothing happens when animated buttons are disabled.

-Fixed arrow keys bug, arrow keys wore treated like the numeric arrow keys, now the arrow keys
are treated correctly.

-Added a new menu item to the help menu called "Help Videos" that directs the user to Nemex Studios youtube channel
with different tutorial.

-Added some new startup parameters\arguments like "-record" to start a recording immediatly and "-play" to play ("-autorun" does the same effect),
you can also use "-close" to close the application instead of using "-end" (the same effect).

-Added support to Windows 7 new taskbar features: you can now take control over your scripts using the jumplist feature in
windows 7. You are now able to see the progress of Mouse Recorder Pro tasks by just looking at the taskbar.

Release date it still unknown.

Our next YouTube channel upcoming video will be nJoy demonstrated by my good friend NGBigfield.

Enjoy your weekend!

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