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Well guys, Mouse Recorder Pro version has been sent to Softpedia! I really hope everything will work fine...!
The new version of Mouse Recorder Pro has alot of new features and some bug fixes which you can go through in the included Changelog file that comes with the setup.

You can see a few your self by just looking at this screenshot:

Some of the features were suggested by a user from our forum, as I said, I really appreciate it!

I'm happy to say that I got a magazine called "c't" a few days ago (last Wednesday to be exact - 25/11/09) from Germany which included Mouse Recorder Pro 2, I have to say - thank you very much! I was really really happy to see an application I made is in a PC magazine. I mean... wow, I could've only imagine to take place in a computer magazine! (-:!

Here are some pictures from the magazine:

The c't Magazine Cover

The c't Magazine Disc Cover

The c't Magazine Disc

A page where you can see different applications including Mouse Recorder Pro

I don't actually know German but I really appreciate it!
Have a wonderful week!

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