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I know we went through alot of different terrible designs (thanks to me! yayiks) this design is pretty much o.k, but it makes really alot of problems with some browsers and I thought to my self maybe the next design would finally look nicer and Maybe I will finally learn how to design a website correctly (well, I'm sure I won't be a designer any soon, don't you?).
If you haven't noticed you can now give your opinion on each article, it would be nice to hear your opinions! simply go to the bottom of this page and click on the "Leave a comment" button!

Lets move to another subject - if you haven't noticed there is a new fresh version out of the oven of Advanced TicTacToe with an upgraded online support, skins system and more! check it out at our software section...!

And the last and not least, Mouse Shaker got a small update fixing bugs with Vista/7 UAC.
If you are wondering about Mouse Recorder Pro, the next version hasn't been released yet but I hope I will release it when the site redesign will be ready.

Have a wonderful week!

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