nJoy for Xperia Play! (update)

Uploaded at 01.04.2013, by Shynet (viewed 25967 times)
I'm glad to announce that nJoy with Xperia Play support has been released!

This version is nJoy 1.3.5 (including lite version). Between the changes:

nJoy APK V1.3.5 Changes:

- Xperia Play support! thanks for all of the testers who helped with the Xperia Play testing!
Note: The L and R buttons are the virtual G and H buttons of the 6 buttons joystick layout of nJoy!
- Fixed "Please wait..." appearing on lite mode and not disappearing.
- Disabled screen from turning off on the gaming joystick.

This update is now available through the Play store for anyone to download.


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