SMS From PC updated! crash issues resolved!

Uploaded at 25.02.2012, by Shynet (viewed 10647 times)
SMS From PC got updated with some major and minor fixes.

Certain devices like the Samsung Galaxy couldn't sync correctly with the computer and the application got crashed on the device. This issue has been resolved. Also, a newer version of the desktop application has been released with minor bug fixes.

I would like to thank all users who have reported issues with SMS From PC and helped me make this application better!

If you have any issues please contact me at

Here is the full changelog for the APK and desktop application:

SMSFromPC Server V1.0.1.0:

- Added single instance application. Now application will start only once and
cannot be started twice.

- Fixed application crush when 'Settings' is being loaded.

SMSFromPC APK V1.13:

- Fixed sudden disconnection after a while by locking Wifi.

SMSFromPC APK V1.12:

- Fixed 'Synchronize' crush on certain devices!


- Added "Block sms notifications" feature - Blocks all sms notifications on phone
when device is peered with the computer. To turn this feature on click on the right
top arrow and check "Block sms notifications".

- Increased SMS From PC priority over 'SMS_RECEIVED' broadcasts.

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