Have you tried nJoy Lite? it's free!

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Have you tried nJoy lite for free on your Android device? it allows you to take full control over your PC exactly like a remote control. Play games with your mobile exactly like a real joystick, type your keyboard, move the mouse and many many other features!

nJoy Lite is the smaller free lite version of nJoy. Try it now for free at the Android Market!

nJoy Demonstration Video
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Written by Shynet, At: 25.03.2013
Rocky: Click on your phone Menu button and and select "Game" that should take you to game mode (-:
Written by Shynet, At: 25.03.2013
Esradi: I haven't used any low level language - look for "InputManager" library for C# on codeproject. That should sort out your issue.
Written by Esardi, At: 14.01.2013
hi bro. now i do project on my campus. i has chalange to create my own virtual device. i already read a article about this topic and i got some information, that i need low-level programing to implement virtual device for any application in windows.

and my question to you. may you tell me some hint to make my own virtual device.

best regards,
Esardi Rachmad Zanuarko
Written by Rocky, At: 24.03.2013
I have installed the nJoy Lite but it is not showing joystic buttons instead it only shows Mouse, Windows commands and media controls. Please help.
Thanks & regards,
Written by leandro, At: 19.11.2013
eu tento conecta o meu NJOY Lite, mas ele dis rede está inacessível ????
Written by Shynet, At: 21.12.2013
Rockey: Click on the Menu button and select "Game" to move to game mode. On tablets it's on the top left menu.

leandro: Make sure that Windows Firewall is off and that you are connecting to the right network.
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