Mouse Recorder Pro released!

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Mouse Recorder Pro got released! You can now download the new version from our website software section.
MRP2.0.7.0 includes some minor bug fixes and new features.

After getting feedbacks and bug reports I managed to release this new version. Thank you for your wonderful feedbacks and reports, because of them I managed to release this new version.

 MRP2.0.7.0 includes the following new features:
- You can now write comments to your script's events
- Record your keyboard in MRP Editor
- Continue playing your script from the last stop or from a specific event.

This new version includes the following bug fixes:

Mouse Recorder Pro

- Added the "Escape" key to the editor "Add Event" dialog.
- Added the option to record keyboard input right from the editor!
- Added the option to attached comments to events. You can use Alt + C (or View > Show Comments) to view comments
on the script and use Ctrl + C (Edit > Set Event Comment) to set the comment attached to the event on MRP2.
- Fixed some key press bugs, these keys were not pressed although they were recorded: Left and right window key, Print screen, NumLock.
- Added a context menu to MRP2 events list. By selecting an item in the list and right clicking on the events list you can
play from the selected item, remove the item or set a specfic comment to the selected item.
- Now you can continue your script playing from the last point it was stopped!
use the Edit > Script > Play from last stop menu item or just press "Ctrl + Shift + P".


Right click on the events list to open this menu

Enjoy using the new Mouse Recorder Pro!

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