3D Picture Viewer got updated! (Version 1.2)

Uploaded at 14.10.2010, by Shynet (viewed 6231 times)
3D Picture Viewer got updated to version 1.2, this version includes some really important updates like preview image stretch fix and more:

3D Picture Viewer 1.2 Changelog:

- Fixed image preview stretch issues, images were not previewed right and was out of the original resolution.
- Added thumbnails "Crop to fit 3D Models" feature. Uncheck this setting at the settings menu to fix images
being cropped and not viewed correctly.
- Added "File > Load Folder" menu item. This allows you to load a folder with subfolders within.

This is an important update, it fixes important picture viewing issues with the old version.

Preview Picture Bug
On the new version, the preview image size has been fixed. The image now keeps it's original size, without being "stretched to fit".

We can see that the new version (on the left) preview the image at it's original resolution

Crop Thumbnails to fit 3D Models Setting
The new "Crop thumbnails to fit 3D models"  setting allows you to take control over your picture
thumbnail preview:

Uncheck this setting to keep the thumbnails edges from being cropped

Unchecking this setting will result in a full image thumbnail without any cropped edges - but "black" areas will be added to keep the aspect ratio:

Pictures on the left don't get cropped to fit the 3D model

If you are viewing small images
, disabling this setting will fix the following issue:

Small images don't get cropped and will be preserved

New Load Folder Feature

The new "Load Folder" setting allows you to load a tree of folders (all subfolders within that parent folder) easily without the need of selecting them separately.

Use the "Load Folder" menu item to load a parent folder including subfolders within

All subfolders within this parent folder will be loaded

To download the new version click on this link.

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