BattleShips game and TCPCam

Uploaded at 02.10.2010, by Shynet (viewed 9145 times)
Haven't updated for a while. I'm now working on a remake of a classic game called
"BattleShips" - like I did with Advanced TicTacToe.

BattleShip is a known classic game, in this game the player needs to sink
the opponent battleships by shooting down his unveiled fields.

I needed my friend to help my with the ship draws,
because I don't know really how to draw (I'm a bit "lefty"),
so thank you Genya for the ship draws, I really appreciate it!

Here are some screenshots from the game (no, it won't be empty as this):

The 3 ships Genya drew (on painter!):

To another subject, I posted an article about the C# \ VB .net communication libraries at CodeProject - check it out if you are a developer!

Have a wonderful week!

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