Old Photoshop Art

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2 days ago I connected my Disk On Key to backup my stuff - there I found my old photoshop
artworks from a few years ago, so I wanted to share them with you, here they are:

Nemex Studios - I done this one 2 years ago when I was 16 years old

Bill Gates Signature - I really admire him!

He didn't really said that, it was just cool to write

Skate - These are really my legs!

Avril Lavigne - I truly love her old music...

My old nickname - Scorpion (from MK)

Some more skating!

Click to enter my old signatures album

This is an old one, I think I done it when I was 16 or 15

When I started to discover how glossy is not really glossy

Disk On Keys - Still discovering the "glossy" art, since then I still use this method a lot in my work

Mp4 player!

Mp4 player (not in 3D)

Rubiks Cube 3D!

Made this one for a small English class project

So this is it, really good old stuff, I'm not a photoshop designer at all, but I love doing it just like I did with my applications
and site. Hope to get your feedbacks!

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